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Pure Professionalism


Melisa Johnson


Melisa Johnson was born and raised in western Kansas. Melisa is a graduate from Kansas State University with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting (1999).
Melisa has over fifteen years of experience in the insurance industry with specialist knowledge and expertise in the surety, property and casualty, and life and annuity sectors.
In 2010 Melisa joined the fundraising committee of the Cayman Islands Crisis Centre and is a past board member.
Melisa resides in Florida.

Lee Lovette


Born and raised in Key West, Florida, Lee Lovette’s life revolved around the water and sports. Lee spent the last 14 years of his adult life as a police officer in Key West. During that time, he was an active SWAT officer for 10 years, and he was a Search and Recovery Diver for 12 years. 
Lee has been a CrossFit Athlete for the last 9 years, a competitive CrossFit athlete for the last 8 years, as well as a CrossFit L2 Coach and strongman competitor. It was only natural that his next step in his CrossFit evolution was to branch off on to his own and settle down in the heart of Winter Garden, FL.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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