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Our Projects

Working Towards Healthy Lives for All

We carefully select projects that will have a significant impact on some of our society's most vulnerable people.  

Each organisation is carefully vetted and we personally know the passionate people behind them.  

We invite you to throw your support behind these projects, and see what happens when a community comes together to solve some of its most pressing problems.

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Project Further

Denise Powers will be thru-hiking the full 2,650 mile Pacific Crest Trail, which runs through the backcountry of California, Oregon and Washington from Mexico to Canada in the summer of 2022 to raise $1 million for the Cayman Islands Crisis Centre to build a safe shelter for survivors of domestic violence and their children.  

This is the first of Project Further's initiatives, which has been established to further equality, empowerment and opportunity for women and girls around the world, looking specifically at issues including domestic violence, sexual harassment and violence, trafficking, and access to quality education and equal job opportunities.

To follow Denise on her journey, subscribe here.

Wolf Pack Powerlifting

The Wolf Pack Powerlifting program is a powerful program that empowers people to live their best lives.  Participants enjoy increased self-confidence, which translates into increased social skills, a high propensity to find employment, and increased physical health including balance and coordination.

There is nothing quite like watching these incredible people expand and do things they never thought possible.

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